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Antigua and Barbuda

Criteria for Qualification

Established in 2012, Antigua & Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program offers
a path to citizenship through qualifying investments. Here’s a breakdown of the
program’s requirements:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Investment: Applicants must make a significant investment in Antigua &
    Barbuda. Options include:

    • Non-refundable contribution to the National Development Fund
      (minimum USD 100,000)
    •  Contribution to the University of the West Indies Fund (minimum USD
    •  Real estate investment in a government-approved project (minimum
      USD 200,000 with a 5-year holding period)
    • Business investment (minimum USD 1.5 million for a single applicant,
      or USD 400,000 each for a minimum total investment of USD 5 million
      for joint applications)
  • Good Character: Applicants must have a clean criminal record and
    demonstrate good moral standing.
  • Health: Applicants must be in good health.
  •  Net Worth: While there’s no officially stated minimum net worth requirement,
    applicants are expected to have sufficient funds to support themselves and
    their families in Antigua & Barbuda.
  • Residency: New citizens are required to spend at least 5 days in Antigua &
    Barbuda within 5 years of obtaining citizenship.
  • Interview: Applicants 16 years and older must participate in a mandatory
    interview as part of the due diligence process.

Additional Considerations:

  •  Restricted Countries List: Individuals born in countries on Antigua &
    Barbuda’s restricted list may still qualify if they meet specific criteria, including:

    • Migrating before adulthood
    • Maintaining permanent residence for at least 10 years in a country likeCanada, the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE
    • Having no remaining economic ties to a restricted country


Antigua and Barbuda, the largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands, offers a
unique opportunity for individuals and families to acquire citizenship through its
Citizenship by Investment Program. This program was established in 2012 and has
since become a popular choice for those seeking a second passport and the benefits
that come with it.

Why Choose Antigua and Barbuda?

With a combined size of 442 square kilometers and a population of over 90,000
people, Antigua and Barbuda is the ninth-largest country by size in the Caribbean.
The country’s economic citizenship program provides visa-free travel to more than
140 countries, including the Schengen zone, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and
others. Additionally, Antigua and Barbuda recognizes dual citizenship, which can be
advantageous for business expansion and tax relief.

Benefits of the Program


The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program offers several benefits,

  • Fast Processing: The application process typically takes 3-4 months.
  • Inclusion of Dependents: The program includes financially dependent children under 30, financially dependent parents over 55, and physically or mentally handicapped children living with and fully supported by the main applicant.
  • No Requirement to Travel: There is no requirement to travel to Antigua and Barbuda during the application process.
  • No Interview or Education Required: There is no need for an interview, education, or managerial experience.
  • Visa-Free Travel: The program provides visa-free travel to more than 140 countries.
  • No Tax on Worldwide Income: The program offers no tax on worldwide income.

Investment Options

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program offers several
investment options, including:

  • National Development Fund Contribution or Charitable Donation: High net worth individuals may choose to make a monetary contribution of US$100,000 (up to four people) or US$125,000 (five or more people) to the National Development Fund or an approved charity.
  • Real Estate Investment: Applicants may purchase property with a value of US$200,000 or US$400,000 in a pre-approved real estate development area. The investment must be maintained for a minimum of five years.
  • Business Establishment: Applicants may invest US$1.5 million to establish a business and qualify to apply for citizenship. Two or more applicants may make a joint business investment where the individual threshold must be a minimum of US$400,000 and the total investment must be a minimum of US$5 million.
  • University of West Indies Fund: For an investment of US$150,000, a family of six is eligible to apply for citizenship. The investment amount includes processing and government fees; however, customary due diligence fees do apply for each qualified dependent.


1.6 Application Fees

Application Fees

Our Advisory fees are based on the number of dependents, country of origin, residence, and other retained services, as well as service and legal fees related to the submission of citizenship and passport application for the main applicant. The advisory fees are non-refundable and are payable in two equal installments. All application fees charged by the government of Antigua and Barbuda are subject to change.

These fees depend on the number of applicants and the complexity of the process. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

Additional Fees

Applicants and their families must also pay the following fees depending on the size of the family for either of the investment options:

Processing Fees:

US$30,000: Family of up to four
US$15,000:  Each additional dependent

Processing Fees (Future Add-ons):

US$50,000: Spouse/additional dependent 18+
US$10,000: Additional dependent below the age of 5
US$20,000: Additional dependent 6-17

Due Diligence Fees:

US$7,500: Main applicant
US$7,500: Spouse
US$2,000: Dependent between 12 and 17
US$4,000: Dependent over 18

Interview Fees:

US$1,500: Per application

Biometric Passport Fees:

US$300 per person

Additional Bank Fees:

1% of the total investment amount

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