Residency - PR and Citizenship



Alternative Residency programs are those where in an investor /entrepreneur, who wishes to become a resident of a specific country, does so by virtue of the law, through a passive form of investment like acquiring a real estate /contributing to refundable government bond or via a more active option like an incorporation of a business in the country of choice. Such programs offer investors and their family members unrestricted access to quality education and healthcare services, international business opportunities and a well thought after retirement plan.


Residency through Investment programs provide opportunities for individuals to legally obtain a permanent status that will allow them to work, invest and settle in numerous countries around the world without the usual requirements of speaking the local language and being part of the tax system. Investors of these programs can opt for a more passive (secure) investment options like Real estate and Government bonds to secure a residency status for them and their immediate family members. Such programs are generally characterized by less stringent requirements for applicants which unfortunately come at a cost of a relatively higher minimum threshold of investment.


A more adventurous but a much less costly mechanism of obtaining a residency permit of most of the countries around the world would be setting up an active business based on the current local legislation of the country that is of interest to any foreigner. Owning a business or being a full-time employee of the same offer a legal mandate for foreigners to request for a residency permit which comes along with tax liabilities while offering individuals and their family members a direct opportunity to become eventual permanent residents and citizens of that particular country.

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