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“Mahandru Associates is one of the leading Investment and Migration advisory firm in MENAP region that offers end-to-end services for those who intend to diversify their investment portfolio and obtain an alternative residency and citizenship. Our team of expert consultants possess an in-depth knowledge and hard-fought and garnered experience in the residency and citizenship by investment industry. we pride ourselves in having successfully delivered solutions to hundreds of satisfied families that has become part and parcel of the Mahandru circle. Our insistence in maintaining consistent quality together with our vast range of services which are curtailed to meet the urgent or long-term plans of second residency and citizenship for families and investors of different background tends to set us apart from the rest.”

Why Choose Residency & Citizenship Services?

Peace of Mind

With the current political and socio-economic climate around the world, having an alternative permanent status in a safe foreign country has become a necessity rather than a mare advantage to safeguard ones’ family members’ future.

Life Time Status

All migration solutions need to provide the individual and their family with a status which can’t be revoked in relation to any changes in the legislation the new host state.

No Physical Residency

As an investor who is after security and new opportunities, an obligation to physically stay in the new host state should not be obligatory unless required.

New Opportunities

As the world is becoming more competitive and prospects more scarcely; a lawful access to a new market for an investor and their; soon to be independent children is the only way to proceed forward.

Family Inclusion

Include all Family Members in the Residency and Citizenship Programs. Future generations can also benefit from the onetime investment.

Tax Benefits

Most worldwide destinations offer a tax heaven for investors to manage their wealth in a more efficient way.

Improved Lifestyle

Improve your family’s lifestyle by obtaining a reliable and stable residency and citizenship status.

Secured & Guaranteed

Guaranteed residency and citizenship status once proven clear of any criminal records.

Visa-Free Travel

Along with all other security and economic benefits, HNW Investors enjoy a luxury to travel most of the countries visa free.

Reach & Portfolio


Offices in 7 countries


Different Nationalities


Employees Strength


Applications Processed


Global Residency & Citizenship Programs


Worth of Investments Managed

How Citizenship Consultancy Works

Find out if you qualify

Meet with our Immigration consultants and/or Senior Migration Consultants

Submit All Your Documents

Complete the document checklist and provide all paperwork required

Lodge Your Application

Get your qualifications assessed and our consultants lodge your visa application

Visa & Passport Granted

Start your new life in your dream country

Why Choose Us for Residency & Citizenship Services?

Hands-on Experience

As the saying goes ‘turn your wounds into wisdom’, we have gone through it all, learned through each process and has matured to a point where we are today. The learning never stops, but we can confidently say, today, that we are in a position to provide comprehensive industry solutions matched by few.

Industry Experts

The seasoned industry professionals at Mahandru Associates will help you find the right program and navigate the possible challenges of the application process with appropriate guidance and support.


Our methods are transparent, direct and easy to understand. We always make sure that applicants understands the legal as well as financial liabilities of each program that they are planning to commit to, before they actually do the same.

Success Oriented

Our business module is highly reliant on taking projects which will bring positive and efficient solutions. We don’t either advise or process applications for the sake of doing it until and unless we truly believe that it will fit the individuals specific requirements!

Complexity made Simplified

We support to simplify an otherwise complex residency and citizenship application procedure with a dedicated relationship manager who will take you through every step of the way up to the completion of the project and beyond.

Data Protection

Our company makes sure that your personal data is completely safe throughout the process of visa application. Your data will be only used for the purpose intended and will be immediately discarded once it is no longer required.

Range of Services

Citizenship by Investment

Economic citizenship refers to when an individual completes the legal process to acquire citizenship or permanent residency in a second country on account of the financial investment into that country’s economy.

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Residency by Investment

Permanent Residency Programs offer individuals the opportunity to legally obtain a resident status in a desired host country and an access to live, work and be educated in the host country of choice. Typically, Permanent Residency is granted based on either Economic or Social contribution to the country.

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Business Immigration

The business immigration program is designed to encourage and facilitate the admission of individuals through the establishment and maintenance of a business which creates an array of opportunities for different professionals.

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  • We are going Back to Business as Usual !!!

    Since the Covid-19 breakout, we have shifted business to “work from home” and since then we got ample time to strategies and revamp the whole business structure. Now, since the state has issued orders for businesses to go back to normal, we have decided to re-open the doors with very stringent social distancing and hygiene

    May 18, 2020
  • Special Offer – Ramadan 2020

    This Ramadan, until EID and due to current Covid-19 situation, we have decided to extend our gratitude and offer FREE Services for Investors joining our Investment Club. Start a Business from available market proven and time-tested business opportunities and enjoy the American living in most affordable way ever possible. A modern way to get your

    May 11, 2020
  • Mahandru Associates expanded its operations from UAE to USA.

    Mahandru Associates is excited to announce the launch of its new office in Virginia – USA. With having its existence in Middle East, Pakistan and Europe since a decade now, USA expansion is the part of the company’s mission of being a global organization. Mahandru Associates US office will cater the complete business migration services

    August 16, 2019
  • Mahandru Associates receives Quality in Business Certification

    3rd of July 03, 2019 Dubai, UAE. Mahandru Associates is proud to announce that has been awarded the Quality in Business Certification from the International Trade Council (‘ITC’). As a global peak-body Chamber of Commerce, the ITC offers independent certifications that show an organization’s adherence to global best business practices as benchmarked against the ITC’s

    July 11, 2019
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