About Us - PR and Citizenship

About Us

Mahandru Associates is a multinational conglomerate, with global reach and business roots stretching back half a decade, engaged relentlessly in providing a constant advisory and management service regarding Permanent Residence & Citizenship by Investment programs for multiple destinations across globe to the High Net Worth Individuals.

About Us

Mahandru Associates offers bespoke service experience, rich in Investment Management & Immigration Consultancy, which simplifies complexity and is supported and sustained by long-term relationship by our valuable clients. We consistently provide informed consultations and first-class service tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements. Clarity and transparency remain our main objectives. We continuously strive for excellence, authenticity and reliability to ensure the trust and loyalty of our respected clients. Company growth, longevity and market leadership remain our constant ambitions.

Our Values

Mahandru Associates offers you a blend of inspiring intelligence and flawless execution that grows beyond imagination. Braiding together integrated investment strategies and nurturing unique campaigns, we go that extra mile to ensure that we are at the top of our game.

Business Perspective

Mahandru Associates is a group of professionals that identifies the relationship as the essence of business and is well versed with latest market trends in order to maintain the prestige of its clients. We are aiming to provide a high-quality service with a wide variety of tools, seasoned and sophisticated methods tailored to satisfy each of our client’s specific needs.

Thanks to the resilience of its forward-looking vision and a robust adaptation to an ever-changing economic environment, Mahandru Associates has maintained stable growth and is in a condition of strength with which to enter a new era of expansion.


Strategies 90%
Business Services 75%
Intellectual Experience 95%
Consulting Services 95%

Our Specialization

European Residency
by Investment
European Residence
by Business Incorporation
European Citizenship
by Investment
Business Investment Program
for USA, UK & Canada
Caribbean Citizenship
by Investment

Mission Statement

Our determination is to have a result driven outfit that can conveniently address the operational challenges of modern migration. Working in an environment where the procedures and liabilities of immigration consultants are vague and unreliable, we are working towards giving the different immigration services a new sense of direction that can make it relevant, secure and with a sense order by putting our reputation on the line and being part of your and your family’s future global migration plan.

Business Commitment

Our commitment to provide excellence in quality. We passionately implement, instigate and exceed expectations. Our client’s trust and faith is fundamental in running our everyday operations.

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