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The United Kingdom is one of the most popular immigration destinations for people who want to live and work in a new country. However, the five-tier points-based visa system was bought into effect in 2008, making the process somewhat strict. In spite of all the hurdles and barriers made to plug inflow of excess migrants, the charisma of UK refuses to fade away. Mahandru Associates is the number one UK immigration consultants in Dubai. We have a team of expert immigration consultants who facilitate the process of smooth migration.

Migrate Process of UK

Get visa

You need an EU passport or a valid visa to enter the country. The UK government website has an easy online form that will tell you what type of visa you need.

Open a Bank account

If you want to migrate to the UK, you need a bank account set up. Because you have just arrived in the country, it might be difficult for you to get lease agreements or other identification.

Get an NI Number

A National Insurance number is a unique personal number allocated to you that is used to identify you to the HM Revenue & Customs and the Department of Work and Pensions. Without it, you can’t work in the UK.

FAQs About moving to UK

For most people applying for a visa like a tier 5 visa or ancestry visa, getting the visa is just a formality so you can begin to apply to jobs. It all depends on the visa and your arrival plans.

For a Tier 5 – Youth Mobility application, you need to show you have at least £1,600 in your personal bank account. For a Tier 1 visa, you will have to show savings of at least £2,800 if you are applying from outside the UK.

Everyone has a different experience of the British immigration system depending on which airport you arrive. You may be asked questions with regard to the restrictions on your visa.

You can apply for the Youth Mobility program from your home country or from a country where you are staying in at the time of application. However, you need to have permission to stay in that country for longer than 6 months. The British Entry Clearance Post in that country must also be authorized to process Youth Mobility applications.

How UK Immigration Works

Find out if you qualify

Meet with our Immigration consultants and/or Senior Migration Consultants

Submit All Your Documents

Complete the document checklist and provide all paperwork required

Lodge Your Application

Get your qualifications assessed and our consultants lodge your visa application

Visa & Passport Granted

Start your new life in your dream country.

Case Studies

I did my high school in Dubai, and always wanted to do my university studies in the UK. Mahandru Associates made my dreams a reality and I am extremely happy that they helped me out. – Shahnawaz

I have been working in Dubai for 6 years as a nurse and wanted to migrate to UK. The consultants at Mahandru Associates were really knowledgeable and helped me with the immigration process. – Ankita

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I and my family are delighted to get a new passport and nationality, that would be helpful for my usual travel around the world and for higher education of the kids. Mahandru Associates has done an outstanding job in completing the application process. Even when it was taking a little bit longer than expected, they took it upon themselves to constantly follow up and update me on the progress. As the procedure involves a significant investment and a lot of paperwork, I really recommend a consultant like Mahandru Associates to take on the responsibility of getting the job done and in an efficient manner as well. I am very much grateful!

Mr. Samer El Debes
CEO, Travel Industry

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